Taylord To You

Taylord To You is a consultancy with deep roots in collaboration, connection, and community. A one-stop shop for your marketing, public relations, booking, product placement, and event planning needs. They bridge the gap between connection and strategy while working with brands to connect them to the right resources. Believing in the power of individuals, but more so, they believe humans are much more powerful when they work together.
Brand Development
Client: Taylor DeBenedetto
Photography: Stock
Design mockups for visualization
Collaboration, Trust, Create, Community
I. the objective

To showcase the creators, makers and shakers.

Everyone from small business owners, musicians, photographer, interior designers, massages therapists and everyone in between to help them grow their business exponentially through collaboration and shared resources.
II. the Brand Direction

Evokes a sense of collaboration and community, but also inspires.

Taylord to You showcases the creators, makers and shakers to help them grow their business through collaboration and shared resources. Since the business focuses on a multitude of small business owners, I wanted the brand to appeal to everyone. The brand should evoke a sense of passion and trust, but also inspire with personality. 

The personal touch is achieved through the use of the hand-drawn bridge icon + earth inspired color palette. The custom fonts are kept clean and pair well with a handwritten approach. I kept the icon clean and light since it will most likely be printed small. Most of all, it’s kept fun and plays well into the brand. 
Collection / 2020

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