The Savory Fig

The Savory Fig is a Long Island vegan-based kitchen featuring world-inspired pastries using local, and organic ingredients. The pastries are made from scratch and flow with the seasons, to highlight the produce available from local farmers markets. They are unique in being vegan and gluten-friendly, for vegan & non-vegan consumers alike. Founded in 2020 by baker, Michelle Siriani, she wants to share her love of desserts and build a stronger vegan community along the way.
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Business Naming
Client: Michelle Siriani
Photography: Stock
Design mockups for visualization
Vegan, Organic, Savory, Sweet
I. the objective

Share a love for desserts and build a strong vegan community along the way

They create vegan, ethnic, scratch made, pastries using local, organic, and seasonal ingredients. The Savory Fig appeals to vegan & non-vegan consumers alike.
II. the Brand Direction

Evokes a sense of flavor and uniqueness, while combing the words “savory” and fig”

The Savory Fig focuses on vegan, handmade pastries and baked goods made with local ingredients. Since the pastries are vegan-based, I wanted the brand to appeal to health conscious people, as well as the everyday foodie. The brand should evoke a sense of flavor and uniqueness, while combing the words “savory” and fig”. 

The “made from scratch” approach is achieved through the use of the hand-drawn figs + a savory bold color palette. The custom fonts are kept clean and pair well with a simple tag line. 
Collection / 2020

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