Pamela Zinck Aromatherapy

Pamela Zinck Aromatherapy creates handmade bath and body products using pure ingredients and no preservatives. They also teach classes and workshops that involve making a finished product. Pamela Zinck, owner and founder, is a certified aromatherapist with advanced training in the therapeutic usage of essential oils. She integrates the chemistry, aroma, and energetics of essential oils - so the blends work on multiple levels. Her recommendations are supported with research and safety information and is passionate about blending and creating products for each client.
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Client: Pamela Zinck
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Pure, Nourishing, Holistic, Therapeutic
I. the objective

To provide products that are pure and therapeutic with the client in mind.

To offer recommendations from a certified aromatherapist with advanced training, backed with research and safety information.
II. the Brand Direction

Evokes a healthy and happy lifestyle, but also look good sitting on a bathroom counter.

Pamela Zinck Aromatherapy focuses on holistic and pure products. Since Pamela is a certified aromatherapist, I wanted the brand to instill trust within the customer and within each product she creates. The brand should also evoke a healthy and happy lifestyle, but also look good sitting on a bathroom counter. 

The holistic nature is achieved through the use of the “pza” submark + mauve tones. The fonts are kept clean and pair well with a simple tag line. The submark combines the “pz” letters of the brand. The “z” is created with two subtle flowing curves, representing scent or an aromatherapy diffuser. I wanted to include aromatherapy into the submark in a way that was organic. By illustrating a hand-drawn “z” this ties into the brand. 
Collection / 2019

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