Hive & Hoof

Hive and Hoof is a small farm, that harvests their own honey and milk from which the products are made. The products can be completely customized by the customer to fit their needs, whether that is a skin condition, a certain fragrance, design, or just wanting to control what is in their product.
Brand Development 
Social Media
Client: Kelly Gray
Photography: Stock
Design mockups for visualization
Local, Natural, Healthy, Handcrafted
I. the objective

To offer handmade, natural bath and body products using ingredients from their farm.

They create all natural soaps to help with various skin issues that does not contain ingredients that may exacerbate an issue. The clients know what is in their product and where it came from.
II. the Brand Direction

Should evoke a sense of purity, but also fit into the clients everyday lifestyle.

Hive & Hoof focuses on hand-made, natural bath and body products made from ingredients sourced from their own farm. Since the products are made with their own milk and honey, I wanted the brand to appeal to health conscious people, as well as eco-friendly individuals. The brand should evoke a sense of purity, but also fit into the clients everyday lifestyle. 

The hand-made nature is achieved through the use of the hand-drawn logo and icons + a natural color palette. The custom fonts are kept clean and pair well with a simple secondary font.
Collection / 2020

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