Happy Camper Candle

Happy Camper Candle is a small, female-owned candle companylocated on Long Island, NY. Each candle is hand poured in smallbatches that are blended with wax from American grown soybeans and high-quality fragrances that are infused with essential oils. Together they create scents that are designed to be intoxicating, relaxing, and magical. They partner with other independently-owned small businesses and handmade platforms in support of the "shop small" and "shop local" movements and it is their wish that you feel surrounded by the peace, love, and gratitude they feel and infuse into all of their candles. 

Brand Development 
Package Development
Collateral / Print 
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Client: Tara Coppola
Photography: Stock
Design mockups for visualization
Wanderlust, whimsical, Handmade, Adventure
I. the objective

To offer candles that are crafted with care, are lead-free, phthalate-free and dye-free, which all equate to a healthier home. 

To support other small businesses, and creative, artistic communities. To trigger their sense of adventure, to inspire curiosity and wonder, and get out there to play and explore the landscapes of Mother Earth.
II. the Brand Direction

Evokes a sense of magic and beauty while appealing to adventures and seekers.

The wanderlust nature is achieved through the use of the hand-drawn tenticon + desert chic color palette. The custom font on Happy Camper was designed with triangles in mind. Theletter “A” ties back in with the tent shape. The letter “C” was designed withthe phases of the moon. Again, tying back into the tent icon.

The tent icon is illustrated by combining the letters “A&M” from Camper. Thelines of the letters help to create a tent shape. I kept it simple and classysince the icon will most likely be printed small. It’s paired with a moon shapeto bring in the outdoors.

Overall, the primary logo and icon convey a wanderlust and fresh feel with anod to artisan products that the target audience is expecting from the brand.
Collection / 2019

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