Etheric Venture Studio

Etheric Venture Studio is a modern venture company designed to act as a holding company for all startups under the umbrella. Clients love to work with them because of the diverse background experience. They encourage conscious business practices while having the agility to handle multiple aspects of their company so they can focus on what is important to them most at any given moment.
Brand Development
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Client: Shawna Cason
Photography: Stock
Design mockups for visualization
Energy, whimsical, organized, foundation
I. the objective

To create a better world than what exists today.

They understand the urgency of creating products or services which enhance the lives of those around us. This could be via wellness products, holistic services, creative or inspirational concepts. Serving other entrepreneurs who are needing support with laying the foundation of their business, those who would like someone to consult them on day-to-day business operations, or startups who are looking to have someone sit on their advisory board.
II. the Brand Direction

Should evoke an organized and professional feel but also be lighthearted and whimsical.

Etheric Venture serves other entrepreneurs who are needing support with laying the foundation of their business. Since they consult with small businesses and startups, I wanted the brand to have fun energy and excitement. 

The fun energy is achieved through the use of the hand-drawn logo and icons + a earth tone color palette. The custom fonts are whimsical yet professional and offer a personal touch with the script font.

The line art style icon represents the auric layers of the body. The half oval shape acts as a “door” - to create a better world than what exists today. Clients will be excited to enter and focus on what’s important to them. Since Etheric Venture is a holding company, it is very fitting for brand to protect all that’s under their umbrella. 
Collection / 2020

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