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Apr 29

Free Printable + Digital Weekly Planner

I love a good to-do list and while my main business management tool that I use is Dubsado, I still love writing things down - paper and pen style. There is something so satisfying about checking things off the list. To me it says, that item is complete - move on and focus on the next. Done, gone, get out of here!

The to-do list, of course, has to look stylish, otherwise, it’s hard for me to focus. Neat and organized, the way I like it. The planner features a weekly schedule, habits list, and top priority section. Are you ready to have a productive week?!


Download the Planner

The planner can be printed out as many times as you want. Or if you are into digital lists, upload it into Procreate and use it with an iPad and pencil. Filling out those circles and checking the boxes is just as satisfying on an iPad (;

I hope this planner gets you a few steps closer in accomplishing your goals. Happy planning!

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